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This gallery of video soundbites aims to showcase the Club at its animated best.

Throughout the celebration we’ll be capturing past, present and future film footage as a modern approach to archiving the Club’s cherished moments.

Be sure to visit our dedicated media page frequently for the latest soundbites.

The American Club 1925 Centennial Lager x Young Master

The Centennial Collection: It Takes A Village – Coming Soon May 2024

The Centennial Collection: Raising Families

The Centennial Celebrations Trailer

Our story


The Club’s magazine has captured some of the Club’s best historical moments across the years. With stories about the early days of Tai Tam, to members recounting their fond memories of the Club’s earlier locations like the St George’s building.

Over the year’s the Club’s magazine has played an important part of capturing the Club’s cherished calendar of events. These events drew friends far and wide to enjoy American the distinct holiday themes and hospitality.

We’ll be building a collection of articles for our members to reflect back on and for the Hong Kong community to learn more about the Club and its place in Hong Kong history.

The Tale of Tai Tam 2

Lai See for Luck

In Good Company

A Lifetime of Memories

Three Generations at the Club

The Centennial Committee