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Celebrating 100 Years


Message from Club President

We are now in the prelude phase to the official July 2024 Centennial year-long celebration kick off!

You’ll be hearing about all that we have in store and most importantly, we’re looking forward to providing our members tons of opportunities to make the year the best it can be. The Centennial Celebration year will be filled with excitement, reflection, parties, experiences and engagement for all. Whether you are new to the Club, 2nd or 3rd generation members, or even Heritage Members returning to Hong Kong for some of the festivities, the Board, Centennial Committee, Management and all our teams have worked hard to create engagement platforms where you can share memories and enjoy a pivotal point in our Club’s history.

Project 100 is our main focus and we are constantly coordinating memories, artefacts, articles, photos and curios from the last 100 years from members and friends of members. Please make sure you’re a part of this effort and help us assemble an amazing collaborative history. It’s a journey that I’m sure will be appreciated by old and new members alike.

We’re also focused on our community and involving our pillars will be as important as ever. Embracing and involving our pillars enables us to celebrate the Centennial year more broadly and reach audiences we may not typically have a chance to reach. HKIS continues to be a key partner this year and we will be coordinating even further with strategic agreements and alliances to better serve our respective communities. The U.S. Consulate General, various departments and agencies, the Consulate and of course the Marine Security Guard are all vital for maintaining our security, encouraging business, and strengthening relations between the U.S., Americans abroad and the people of Hong Kong and Macau. The American Chamber of Commerce and the AWA round out our American pillars in the community as well as various alumni groups from U.S. colleges and universities. Together, we have the chance to grow and build for the next 100 years.

I would be remiss if I did not highlight the role the American Club Foundation (ACF) will play in many of our events, including outreach, volunteer, environmental concerns and programs for underprivileged youth. Our place in the community pivots on our contribution and our efforts to give back to the city which has provided a home to all of us. The ACF has a number of special Centennial activities they will be coordinating with our Social Committee to deliver the best possible experiences which benefit many.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in 2024 and sharing some spectacular moments and experiences. Please come back to the website often and get involved!

Christopher Burgess
2024 Club President

Message from Club President

As the Club’s 92nd President, I am privileged to launch this site as a prologue to the American Club’s Centennial celebration.  Over the next two years, we look forward to engaging membership, the American community in Hong Kong, and our local partners to commemorate one hundred years of the Club’s role as a cornerstone of camaraderie, cultural exchange, and cherished memories.

We plan to honor the Club’s unique role in the lives of those who have adopted Hong Kong as a home; the special contributions that the Club and its members have made to our greater community over the years; and the bright potential of our next one hundred years in Hong Kong.  We pay tribute to our past in order to reinforce the foundations on which we build our future.

The Centennial Committee, Executive Committee and the Board are thrilled to share this incredible milestone with you.  We welcome you to reflect with us on the power of our shared heritage, and hope that you will contribute your ideas, memories and inspiration to this effort. Please reach out to the Centennial Committee with your thoughts.

We hope you enjoy this site and all the festivities to follow.

Tony Carango
2023 Club President

Message from Chair of the Centennial Committee

Welcome to the Club’s Centennial Celebration website! The Club was founded 100 years ago on July 6, 1925. While the official celebration will run from July 6, 2024 through July 6, 2025, we are already making preparations. We cannot do this alone and we ask for your help.

While we are busy planning many festive events, we want to share as complete of a history of the Club as we can. We are looking for your Club memorabilia in whatever form you have it – old Eagles and Dragons, photos, menus from special events, sports trophies, remembrances – no item is too small, no story too insignificant. So please start finding anything you have that relates to the Club. Share your memories here. If you share your photos, please indicate the year that they were taken, location the photo was taken, and names of the people in the photo, if you can.

Please visit this space regularly as we will post our updates here. Make sure to mark your calendar as we announce the celebratory events and to share your memories.

I look forward to joining you all in a celebration that celebrates the past 100 years and pave the way for the next 100!

Carol DeMaio
Chair of the Centennial Committee

The Centennial Committee


Front row: Carol DeMaio (Chair) & Christina Tam (Vice Chair).
Back row: Carrie Chen, Paul Frost, Rebecca Terner Lentchner, RJ Asher, Claire Shah & David Ketchum.
Not present: Gary Liu, Kate Carango, Mona Shah & Perry Lam.

The Centennial Committee was formed in February 2022.

To plan twelve months of activities takes a great deal of brainstorming, listening, financial planning, teamwork, and lots of lead time. Key planning milestones have been figuring out what the framework for the celebration year should look like, how to recount our history not only to our members but also to the Hong Kong community, determining who our partners are and how they can be included in this celebration, and further, how to look forward to the next 100 years.

An agency was key to helping us develop our Centennial messaging and branding. Having a recognizable, clear and elegant logo for the 100th anniversary was essential to the promotion of the events. The process of brainstorming, listening, and fine-tuning the logo concepts finally led to the Centennial logo and a set of goals.

2024 Goals & Objectives

  1. Continue to assess and refine event, activities, venue, installation assets for the Centennial with close attention and control on activities with long lead times. Manage budget in line with Board approved $5M (January 2024).
  2. Oversee that event concepts, and merchandise designs are in line with the full campaign plan. Monitor milestones for completion and associated metrics.
  3. Monitor key metrics for member and general audience engagement during the lead-up to the Centennial celebration on July 6, 2024 and during the year-long celebration (Phase 3). Adjust metrics based on actual results during active celebration year.
  4. Ensure that risk mitigation is considered during the lead-up and throughout the celebration year, with the assistance of the Committee input and Public Relations agency.
  5. As part of the Centennial project, establish a digital archive policy that complements the physical asset policy. Consider long term options for protecting the Club’s artifacts (existing documented collections/to be collected and documented) as part of an overarching policy review for archive perpetuity.