Contribute to the Centennial Project 100

Share your Memories with Us

Project 100 aims to establish a permanent collection of digital archives that complements and helps in fill in the gaps of the Club’s current physical collection.

We’re calling out for contributions of memorabilia, artefacts, and photos. Submissions can be digital or physical. If you wish to share the physical item, the Club team will arrange a scan or photograph of your artefact and return it to you, please reach out here.

Due to the relocation of the clubhouses and offices over the years, the Club has a spotty library of archives.

Some specific items we would like to have to build the collection and share with the community are

  • Club related items during WW2
  • Magazines prior to 1976
  • Old traditional Club Event pictures, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Fourth July, grand Club openings
  • Pictures or trophies of the Club’s sports programs, events and competition wins.

If you have time and interest and would like to help document collected items as part of an archives working group, please reach out here.

We’ll be sharing interesting submissions through all our centennial platforms, including the Club magazine, social media and more.

1963 Roster of Members, donated by member Mr. J. S. Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Cheung's wedding reception at St. George's Building on May 3, 1979

Member Willie Woo, original Club membership card from 1964.

The American Club's 65th anniversary, Independence Day picnic at the Country Club.

Mr. Randall King and daughter Clementine at the Tennis Mixed Championships, March 1996

Various Club Logo Versions Over The Years - have you got anything at home with earlier logo versions?

Burying of the Town Club time capsule on July 4, 1984.

Tai Tam baseball opening day, 2010-2011 Season

Invitation for Debenture with old Club Logo from circa 1983

Mr. Stephen Marcopoto and Mr. Jim Robinson at the New Year's Party, Countdown to the Millennium at the Town Club

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